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LA Relaxed Linen Dress

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LA Relaxed linen dress in striped chamomile 

A classic ankle length column with a scooped front and back neckline. Garment washed and pre shrunk. 

Relaxed, easy fit. Made of locally sourced natural linen. Dyed with bluesign™ dyes.

100% Linen

Measurements: Small: 38" chest, 40" waist, 42" hip, 53" shoulder strap to bottom hem

Medium: 40" chest, 41" waist, 43" hip, 53.5" shoulder strap to bottom hem

Large: 42" chest, 42" waist, 44" hip, 53.5" shoulder strap to bottom hem

Extra large: 44" chest, 46" waist, 48" hip, 54.5" shoulder strap to bottom hem 

LA Relaxed is designed and handmade in Los Angeles. From their design studio, to the production line, it takes under 100 (foot)steps to complete a garment. They make and finish each garment in their own factory. They focus on natural fibres from sourcing certified plant based fibres, like GOTS Organic Cotton, that are as safe for the growers as they are for your skin. They are committed to sourcing responsibly and using natural and non-toxic fibres and dyestuffs. Sourcing and making everything locally is the most significant part of reducing emissions and environmental impact.