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Creste Di Gello Candle

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Nata Concept Store Creste Di Gello Candle 

Time to fall in love with the Creste Di Gallo pasta candle! Inspired by the iconic pasta shape resembling a rooster's comb, this candle adds an Italian touch to your home decor. Let the pasta-inspired ambiance transport you to the heart of Italy. Careful - your dinner party guests may find the more-ish aesthetic good enough to eat.

Scented with Jasmine, Neroli & Orange Blossom.

Burn time: 30+ mins, Measurements: 11 L x 3 H x 5 cm W

Nata is made by Anna and Tatian. They make candles taking inspiration from your favourite dishes & snacks - bringing the irresistible allure of food to your home decor. The candles are handmade in their London studio - using eco friendly and vegan ingredients.